Letter From The Principal


Thank you for visiting Golden Valley Orchard School, offering TK-8 Public Waldorf education. We offer an education that meets children at their developmental stage in a manner that will inspire a love for learning by educating the head, heart and hand. The goal is to help students develop to their highest potential, so they will one day actively create and participate in a vibrant, healthy society that serves the good of all.

Please peruse our website to learn more about our programs. I hope to see you at a Parent Information Meeting where you can learn more about Public Waldorf Education and Golden Valley Orchard School. We are committed to preparing our students for a lifelong passion for learning. 
Becky Page


Educating the Head, Heart & Hand 

The Head

As a Public Waldorf school, we follow Common Core state standards and blend these standards with the Core Principals of Waldorf Education. Instruction is delivered in an artistic manner and learning is embedded in  storytelling, movement, arts, music, and direct experience of natural phenomena. Creative and critical thinking blossom through this three-fold method. 

The Heart 

Is nurtured through building relationship to our classmates, teachers and the greater world. Each class begins the day with a morning handshake. Class meetings, daily focus on the virtues living within each other through the Virtues Project and following the positive system of Nurtured Heart develop our community and enhance our love of learning.

The Hand

is developed through an education that allows for movement, creativity and experiential learning. Students garden, sing, play instruments such as the recorder and wooden flute, knit, crochet, sew, paint and learn Spanish and German. Each of these subjects help to meet the will of the child and are taught by a teacher who is a specialist in the field.