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Welcome to the Golden Valley Charter Schools community, sharing a Public Waldorf Education since 1999 in Sacramento County. Public charter education is free and serves all students who apply through an open lottery. While our programs are popular, we do have openings. Please explore our website, sign up for a parent information meeting, and inquire about Golden Valley Charter Schools for your child.

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Golden Valley Board of Trades
Golden Valley Board of Trades

If you would like to attend the next Board of Trustees meeting, you may prepare by reading the agenda. To see Board Agendas, please click the link below.

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19 Jun 2023
Art of Teaching Waldorf Education

Golden Valley Charter Schools’ new Art of Teaching program is focused on putting the theory behind Waldorf Education into practice. Our courses include focus on forming classes, classroom management, developing the social and emotional needs of students, and working with parents. Seasoned professionals from the greater Sacramento region have collaborated to bring you their wealth of experience in the arts and sciences so you can be successful in any public or independent school environment. With a sense of wonder and purpose, come join us this June to launch your summer of preparation while we dance, sing, move, experiment, debate, and laugh.

30 Mar 2023
Waldorf 202 Lessons Learned From Waldorf Education

You are invited to explore what it means to be in the Golden Valley community and work with our Core Values. We will hear from long time community members and have round table interactive conversations exploring our values. This is an excellent opportunity to commune together, dig deeper of why Waldorf Education, and meet more of our faculty & staff. This is an adults only event.

04 May 2023
Orchard School Grandparent and Special Friend Day

We invite Grandparents and/or Special Family Friends to join your grandchild for some time in their classroom.

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