19 Jun 2023
19 Jun 2023

Art of Teaching Waldorf Education

by: Golden Valley Charter Schools

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Golden Valley Charter Schools’ new Art of Teaching program is focused on putting the theory behind Waldorf Education into practice. Our courses include focus on forming classes, classroom management, developing the social and emotional needs of students, and working with parents. Seasoned professionals from the greater Sacramento region have collaborated to bring you their wealth of experience in the arts and sciences so you can be successful in any public or independent school environment. With a sense of wonder and purpose, come join us this June to launch your summer of preparation while we dance, sing, move, experiment, debate, and laugh.


Art of Teaching Kindergarten

Sample Schedule

Art of Teaching Grades 6-8

Sample Schedule 6-8

Our program is open to teachers, educators, and individuals interested in Waldorf education.

JUNE 19, 2023 -JUNE 23, 2023

Topics: Grade Level Curriculum Support, Music, Stages of Development, Eurythmy, Arts Through the Grades, Parent Education, Storytelling, Painting, Movement, Classroom Management, and more.

Course Descriptions

Cynthia Aldinger, Annie Bosque, Allie Brooks, Lee Sturgeon Day, Stephanie Lorenz, Richard March, Tavia Pagan, Becky Page, Lee Pope, Alice Stamm, Ryan Sutton, among others.

Instructor Biographies

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Date & Time
Mon, Jun 19, 2023,
Fri, Jun 23, 2023,

9601 Lake Natoma Drive Orangevale, CA